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F.B.R Burner


F.B.R.’s fi rst aim has always been research of the best in technology. Our products are only marketed after stringent trials using the latest in industry led testing procedures with respect and consideration given to any issue relating to the ecological and environmental impact. F.B.R. is qualifi ed by the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and all our products are certifi ed and conform to the current CE norms.

Since 1969 F.B.R. has designed and manufactured high-tech burners for industrial and civil applications. In addition to the standar d product range, F.B.R. also supplies high power burners and burners for alternative fuels such as  biodiesel, “BTZ” (low sulfur oil) and vegetable oils (i.e. colza oil, sunfl ower oil).

F.B.R. Laboratory of Research & Development guarantees the highest quality and the continuous technological pr ogress of our burners, distributed in over 80 countries across the world


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